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About us



Take a 1963 Ferrari 330 GTO or a bottle of Chateau Lafite circa 1780s. There’s something undeniably cool about all things vintage. Cherished, loved and protected. Used only for that very special moment. And when that moment comes, it should be handled with care, and above all else, savoured.

At Vintage hair salon, we take classic to a modern, new level. From the moment you enter our home in Seven Mile Shops, you become our responsibility. Handled with care, cherished and loved.

Your journey begins with a complimentary consultation to allow our team of expert stylists to meld with your way of thinking. And together, let us create fabulous. It was Coco Chanel who once said, “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” And who are we to argue?

Hairstyles should be unique, idiosyncratic even, and no two should ever be the same. Tailored to your needs and desires, we will guarantee you will leave with your head held high and, of course, feeling fabulous.

The highest quality is the only standard we strive to achieve. Not only in our creations, but in every aspect of the business. Immense thought has gone into each and every detail. From the chandeliers that light up the rooms to the mirrors that will light up your life, its plain to see that only the best will do.

There are few special moments in time when you dust off that bottle of Lafite or grab the keys to the GTO, but at Vintage a special moment is created each and every time a client leaves our home. Vintage by name, maybe, but this is something brand new and unique to Cayman, the likes of which have never been seen before.

Guaranteed to be remembered for many years to come as a representation of the best of its kind.

A Luxury Salon Experience in the Cayman Islands